A Guide for Parents

Parents Resources

Passnownow wants parents to be as much a part of the learning experience of their wards just like their teachers. Your influence and inputs are valuable and we want to be able to give you as much information as possible to help you understand the goals of PNN.

PNN is a wholesome support platform for young people moving from teenage to early adulthood, predominantly in secondary schools or preparing for O-level final examinations. The academic materials on the site are designed based on the approved Nigerian Secondary School Education curriculum.

Passnownow.com offers a range of benefits to parents, considering the fact that it is a cost effective medium to improve your child’s performance without the extra cost of hiring a lesson teacher.

Parents can use the sites resources to monitor their children’s academic progress as it has the same content as the curriculum used in secondary schools.

It is also a safer medium as there are no risks of leaving your children and wards with strangers in the guise of extra mural classes.

Passnownow.com is time saving, as parents who do not have much time to help their children and wards with home work after School are relieved of this stress through the aids and resources provided on this site.

The site’s resources are categorized in the normal JSS1 – SS3 class hierarchy. The available subjects are also listed alongside the classes. After each topic, there are exercises that students can take to test their knowledge of the topic.

For Junior WAEC, GCE and SSCE, there are mock examinations that students can take to test their preparedness for the main examination. The site also provides examination tips and guidance on areas of concentration in preparing for the main examination.