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Passnownow Champions the Future of Learning in Africa at CC Hub EdTech Festival

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During the 2023 EdTech Festival in Lagos, Nigeria, shared her vision to champion the future of learning in Africa amongst numerous EdTech start-ups in Nigeria. Our Founder and Product Architect of, Mrs Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji was ably represented by Frederick Uwakwe, Head of Operations,; who delved into the evolving landscape of education in the masterclass on “Navigating the Future of Learning”. Fred elucidated the transition from traditional learning to a more dynamic, tech-infused approach.

“The future of learning has a lot to do with critical thinking, adaptability, life-long learning. Technology is disrupting how we work. It becomes difficult to keep up if there is no disruptive innovation in our learning.”

In the past years, Passnownow has significantly nurtured critical thinking, and adaptability, and fostered a lifelong learning mindset through her digital revolution where children and the underserved can access quality and affordable education through the democratized educational content our product offers Africa.

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The far-reaching impact of our Educational Technology (EdTech) solution in Africa has transformed the continent’s education landscape across the entire value chain, benefiting students, educators, institutions, and policymakers alike. This technological revolution has been a catalyst for positive change, addressing longstanding challenges and providing opportunities for an inclusive quality education.

“We live in a very evolving world and the only way to keep up is to have the mindset of continuous learning”. Fred continued; “We are in a world with so much knowledge from the internet. The problem is not knowledge but we do not have people that crave to learn. Passnownow creates the need in people to crave more learning”

This gives credence to how the product has strategically improved learning outcomes through interactive and personalized learning experiences in a pool of EdTech solutions around the world. This adaptive platform tailor content to individual student’s needs, allowing for self-paced learning and better comprehension.

Fred showcased how the product places a premium on providing solutions to the African educational system which has had a transformative impact across the entire education value chain. This ongoing integration of technology in education is crucial for the continent’s development, offering hope for a future where quality education is accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances.

The future of Learning

There has become a pressing need for heightened attention and investment in the EdTech sector. As stakeholders, we are having discussions and sensitizing on topics such as data privacy regulations, cybersecurity, overcoming internet connectivity challenges in remote areas, infusing cultural relevance into EdTech solutions, and the integration of blended learning in the educational landscape. It was such a moment to hear from Mrs. Confidence Osein on this.

Passnownow championed the clarion call at this époque-making festival. We mandated the cultivation of critical thinking, adaptability, and an enduring passion for learning. The 2023 EdTech festival by Co-Creation Hub underscored the significance of maintaining a positive digital footprint as the event spurred thoughtful discussions on critical issues confronting the industry and provided a vibrant, engaging learning atmosphere for children.

Passnownow has reiterated her unflinching commitment with a renewed vigour, armed with the hopes and expectations of young children gleaned from this remarkable event. We remain steadfast in our commitment to transforming education and shaping the future of learning for generations to come.

As we have already begun, we will pioneer the Future of Learning in Africa, One Innovation at a Time.



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