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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Why School Grades Alone May Not Get You Anywhere


You would have met many graduates with good academic results but live a mediocre life. There are MANY of them. You might be surprised why this is the case.

These days, employers want to make fair and reasonable judgments of candidates, but with the proportion of high grades now being given, it is becoming tough. This is particularly the case in smaller and medium-sized businesses that do not have the sophisticated assessment resources of the big corporates, although even the larger organisations are starting to find it more challenging.

Most Nigerian graduates have nothing else to show on their CVs other than academic records. Consider an instance where 10 candidates seeking employment have similar academic record but only one of them has to be employed. What will count in the end are other skills which they individually possess, and how relevant the skills are to the employer.

It is no longer enough to bank on your class of degree these days because there are many other graduates roaming the street with the same qualification you are just aiming to get. While you’re in school, endeavor to acquire other skills. From computer programming, to fashion, art and craft, driving…, just make sure you keep making good use of your spare time.

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