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#PNN E-Mentoring (Taiwo Akinlami): Personal Safety/Self Protection For Teenagers: Guidelines To Responses (4)

Welcome to our page today. It is our page because it belongs to both the writer and the readers. The truth of the matter is that it belongs more to you my young friends than it belongs to us here. If you are not reading, who do we write for? So I am glad you are joining us today.

Thank you also for your responses to my piece last week. I hope to hear from you again this week.

We are back to our topic of discussion: Personal Safety and Self-Protection. Today, I will discuss with you how you can protect yourself from Physical abuse/bullying/Cyber-bulling/Kidnapping.  

I charge you to Pay SERIOUS ATTENTION to the following:

1. Choose your friends carefully: it is important that you choose your friends carefully. In most cases, the people who bully you are your friends. In choosing your friends, please note that your personal values come handy. It takes a person, who has no respect for the dignity of human person to physically abuse or bully another. Do not join forces with those who physically abuse or bully others. The truth is that one day; it will surely be your turn.

2. Beware of strangers: be careful how you relate with a stranger. Who is a stranger? A stranger is a person, whose character you do not know; therefore you cannot vouch for same. Both in relating with adults and peers be careful not to surrender yourself to a stranger. Your classmates, neighbours and others, who are supposed to be close to you may be strangers. Therefore be careful how you give yourself to them or where you follow them to. Some bullies have been discovered to lure people to a secluded place before they bully them.

3. Learn to report a bully to the school and parents: most bullies both peers and adults hold the people they bully under fear. They threaten them not to tell anyone. I charge you to please report a bully or someone, who physically abuses you either they are your peers or persons in position of authority like teachers. If it happens within the school system, please report to the appropriate authorities. If steps are not taken in the school tin response to your report, please report to your parents/guardians. If it happens in your neighbourhood, please report to your parents. Please note that you must never keep quiet. Do not allow your abuser to harm your body and also steal your voice. Do you know why the abuser wants you to keep quiet? Your silence empowers your abuser. You take power from him/her when you cry out. So do not hesitate to cry out.

I think I should sign out here. There is a lot for you to chew here. I will return next week by God’s grace to share other tips with you. Remember, I am available on this platform for interaction. Do have an INSPIRED week Stay SMART!

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