#PNN E-MENTORING (Taiwo Akinlami): VALUE, What Has it Got to Do With IT?

What has value got to do with it? The question is, what exactly is ‘it’? I think for the purpose of this discussion, let us allow our ‘it’ to stand for two things; the first is life and the second is education. Please note that life and education go together. Life is impossible without education and education is impossible without life. It is therefore important that we define value and find its relationship with life and education.

Shall we? I think we should. I think we rise and fall on our values. We do all, including nothing by our values. Before I get deeper into the subject of values, permit me to talk about Universal Principle of human conduct? Universal principles? Human conduct?

What is he possibly driving at? Let me explain. Universal principles are the actual reality of the way things are. They are authored by God. They have been with us from time immemorial. They are the same in every society. In fact they respect no gender, age and geography. They do not bend. They are in control of human affairs.

For us to make any sense in life at any level, we must discover them, understand them, take time to build them and act in accordance with them. Let me give you an example, sowing and reaping is a universal principle. Now, human conduct simply refers to human behaviour. It means the way we behave as human beings.  

Now, what is the link between universal principles and values? Very simple, we align ourselves with universal principles by building a positive value-system, which become the guide to our behaviour in all circumstances whether anyone is watching or not. What do we mean by values? Values are the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group. These moral principles and beliefs guide the activities of the person or group in private and public. The person or group has a commitment NOT to do anything outside their set values.

Values are not quick-fix rules of behaviour. Human beings or organisation spend time to build them and become them. The truth is that everything in life, including human being produces after its own kind. As human beings, we produce after our values, whether they are deliberately defined or not.

I think I should sign out here to give you time to digest these loads of information, I have shared with you today. Please note that I am available for interaction on this platform. Do have an INSPIRED day. Stay SMART!

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