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If you want to be wealthy, this is a habit you cannot take your eyes or mind away from. There is nobody who succeeds amazingly, who did it alone. We all need somebody and somebody needs us. Your ability to partner or align with someone else who shares the same values, passion, work ethic, beliefs, dreams and character as you, goes a long way to determine how far you can go in creating the life of your dreams.

The bible says “one will chase a thousand and two will chase tens of thousands”, now this needs to be looked at critically.
1 = 1000
2 = 10,000

So if two people share the proceeds, instead of having 1000 working alone, they can have 5000 working with each other. Isn’t this amazing? What this implies is that, whenever we do not partner or synergize to accomplish set goals, business or vision, we lose 4000 or 80% of our possibilities. It means also, that no matter how successful you are on your own, you are losing a greater deal when you do not synergize!

This habit is the reason we have seen, why partnerships work better. Businesses, projects, deals, etc that have more than one person running them, have a higher possibility of becoming successful than if it was only you working it. Because when one is weak, the other can pick him up. Different people bring different ideas, and see solutions from different angles. You cannot deliver success on your own and expect it to be huge. Think about it. Dangote is not alone, Bill Gates didn’t start alone, mark Zukerberg didn’t work on Facebook alone, successful musicians have a team, and so on and so forth.

Learn to synergize, you cannot do everything, you do not have every skill. The quality of your partnerships are also important. Quality people, will produce quality results but first you must be a person of immense quality.

If you want to go FAST, go alone!
If you want to go FAR, go with a team – synergize!