#PNN E-MENTORING (Yoma Victor): Do you have a store house? Financial Intelligence for Teens

Do you have a store house?

The crux of the matter for most people is that, they are so enamoured by the prospects of earning that they think the next step to earning is to ensure that their new earning status can be seen on them. They begin to spend. They think that their friends and family should know that their ‘level has changed’.

Your ability to manage money is more important than your ability to generate income. It is the reason why we say that you should generate wits before wealth comes. If you get wealth before wits, you will lose the money. Any money you generate without having the financial intelligence for, you will lose that money! It is definite. Ability to manage wealth is very important.

The first skill in money management is the ability to have money that is safe from you! To put it another way, your ability to have a STORE HOUSE. Note that in financial intelligence, you are not really celebrated for what you earn; as important as earning is, what is celebrated is what is left after you spend. Your ability to save consistently says to God and the universe that you are a good steward of resources, it says you are able to delay gratification, it says you are ready to solve bigger problems and solve bigger problems and access bigger.

When you earn, saving is done before spending not after. What you save, no matter how small, is your true income…, because all of your expenses, pay someone else.

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