#PNN E-MENTORING (Yoma Victor): Financial Decision Making Techniques and Skills (For Teens)

How has the last week been? Remember that nothing just happens, we make them happen! From the lion and zebra story, I followed your thoughts in the comments section and the reasons for your choices – it was quite interesting.

Many went for the Zebra because they felt sympathy, they saw it as a prey for the lion and so most were emotionally drawn to it; others felt the lion’s prayer should be answered because they felt the strong one will eventually get what he wants. A few said they would leave them by themselves. One funny one said he would allow the lion eat one leg of the zebra so both can I dare say that the choices we made, actually reveal the kind of people we are in relation to how we view life in terms of our finances.

Many go into life with sympathy feeling that God would feel sorry for their suffering or the suffering of a certain people and hence would provide for them. I dare say that God is not moved by tears – proof is that all the tears of the poor in Nigeria and Africa hasn’t made them rich. Also, being ‘strong’, being in a position of physical strength and using it to take advantage of others will not produce justice in our society. Also, the physically strong does not always win. Don’t be fooled by those that ‘look the part’. “The race is not to the swift nor the battle to strong” says the good book.

There is a skill required for success in the jungle – running! In the jungle, you run after food and you run away from trouble. It is the same in life too, you need financial intelligence, financial skills to succeed in life. And as in the jungle, God will not favour the zebra over the lion or the lion over the zebra, they have both been given four legs, whoever runs fastest, gets their prayers answered!

As the good book says, “He has given us all that pertaineth to life and godliness”. All we need to succeed, earn, generate, manage and multiply income is in us. All we need to do is learn, learn how to run!

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