The Money Question!

What is money? Clearly, many people have never sat down to really answer this question. As important as the subject of what money is, we have run away from engaging it directly.

For most people, their behaviour and their way of life indicate that money is simply what you use to get what you want; – money is simply spent. This way of thinking goes a long way to explain exactly why we get the results we get in our lives. It is said that 75% of people spend more than they earn, which means they are always in debt..

How you see money will determine how you use it and how good or bad your life goes. Money is not paper or coins, money is what used to evaluate value. Money is a means of saying how valuable a thing is. For example, a 500,000 naira house has a different value compared to a 5 million naira house.

When we consider things of value, a strong characteristic of value is time. We love our valuable things to be around for a long time; for example, our parents, our best friends, etc. Seeing money in this way, and not as something to be spent, changes automatically, our behaviour towards money and the outcome it has in our lives. Money is something of value that you and I want to last for a long time.

How then do you ensure that your money is around for a long time? What are the behaviours we should have? What new skills must we develop? What questions should we have? How different must our practices become?

I would love to have your opinion on what we should do to ensure that money is around forever. Thank you and see you next week!