Continued from last week

What is the value of your mind? We are all products of our thoughts. Our lives, our successes, strength, attitude, tenacity, insight, intelligence, etc are all a product of the mind. So it means that if we are going to have a great life, we must as a matter of necessity, have a great mind. What, friends is the value of your mind? How valuable is your mind?

Understand that your mind will influence your thoughts, your thoughts will influence your decisions and your decisions will influence your actions and your consistent action defines your habits, these habits are a function of the character you are recognised with and of course your whole life is an outcome, a result of your character. Therefore, our life will move in the direction of our thoughts.

Thoughts, dreams, ideas, etc, do not just jump into your mind from the sky or outer space. The thoughts that you produce are a function of the value your mind consists of. So how do you ensure that your mind is full of the right raw material it can use to produce a desired outcome in your life? In other words, what can you do to your mind to make it right to produce the kind of future you desire?

 To direct your thoughts in a particular direction, you need to feed it right. If you want to grow healthy, eat healthy, if you want to grow sick, eat unhealthy meals. So also, the things you feed your mind with, will determine whether your mind will have ‎a productive output or an unproductive one. What are you feeding your mind with?