What do you want to become when you grow up? Have you clearly answered this question? I mean, I know it is possible you have been asked a million times by your older siblings, uncles, aunties, family friends, etc. But what influenced your answer?

If we are going to be truthful, there is a lot of pressure to have certain dreams and answer in certain ways. Most times kids are asked, you hear ‘doctor’, ‘lawyer’, ‘engineer’, ‘accountant’, etc. As kids, I understand that our minds are in a lot of different places at the same time, our likes and interests keep changing, we are still discovering life, and interesting, we believe what we believe without a shadow of doubt that we will accomplish them. As kids you always have big dreams of changing the world, you always want to change your family, do impossible things, truly nothing is impossible while you are growing up.

My challenge to you is that you must preserve that essence. Don’t allow anyone push you away from believing that anything is possible. As you grow older, things get complicated and you get to see life deeper but can I share a secret with you? Never ever, ever, ever lose touch with your childhood dreams, never. Do not allow the adults around you who have given up on their childhood dreams force you into accepting their adult dreams.

Have you ever wondered why you grow up to become 8, 9 or 10 years old and suddenly everyone wants to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer? Nothing just falls from the sky, your environment, the words you hear and the experiences of those you follow influence you. Adults tell you lawyers are successful, doctors are successful, accountants are professionals and get paid a lot of money.

To be continued next week