Attitude is very important in life, especially when it comes to influencing people around you. When you display positive attitude, people respond positively. Also, when your attitude is negative, people tend to respond negatively as well.

But at times you might believe that your attitude is set. That is, your bad attitude cannot be changed. But that’s not true.

Your attitude is a choice. If you desire to make your life a masterpiece, then you need to have a great attitude. If it is not good now, you need to and can change it. Here is how:

1. You Must Take Responsibility for Your Attitude.
This is the first thing you need to do if you want to make your life a masterpiece. Understand that, it is no one’s job to make you happy. Your happiness is not tied to anyone. It is your job to make yourself happy and it stars by taking full responsibility for your own attitude and take charge of the way you look.

2. You Must Decide to Change Your Bad Attitude.
There are things in your life that you cannot change, such as where you are born or your parents. But your attitude is something you can choose to change. And there are some areas in your life that you can choose to adjust. If you want to make your life a masterpiece, then you must go after those areas head on and make adjustment.

3. You Must Be Like the Person You Want to Become.
If you desire to change yourself, you need to start with your thinking. You need to believe that you can improve, that you can change and become the person you desire to be. Ralph W. Emerson said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” So you have to conduct

[think, act and talk] like the person you desire to become. If your thinking changes, then everything else can follow.

4. You Must Develop a High Appreciation for Life.
People who complain about everything tend not to appreciate life no matter how good it is. Appreciation isn’t a matter of taste or sophistication. It’s a matter of perspective. Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. So if you can learn to appreciate the little things of life and be grateful for them, you will appreciate the big things as well as everything in between.

5. You Must Adjust Your Attitude Regularly.
A person’s attitude does not naturally or easily stay positive. Like any discipline, your attitude will not take care of itself if you don’t attend to it regularly. The stronger your natural inclination to be pessimistic or critical, the more attention your attitude. So always make sure you have an attitude check and watch for red flags signalling that your attitude might in trouble.

6. You Must Remove Negative Words from Your Vocabulary.
When it comes to your attitude, negative words can really influence how you express it negatively. You can eliminate them by you or someone you enlist to be on the lookout for those negative words in your vocabulary so that you can try to eliminate them. And if you continually look for and embrace the positive and eliminate the negative words, you will help yourself to begin thinking more positively in life.

7. You Must Express Gratitude to Others Regularly.
Of all the virtues, gratitude seems to be the least expressed. How often do people go out of their way to thank you? Or how often do you extend your thanks to others? In our culture of plenty, we tend to take [the little] things for granted. When you learn to give thanks, you are learning to concentrate not on the bad things, but on the good things your life. And thinking about the good things help us to be grateful. Remaining thankful helps us to have a more positive attitude. And having a positive attitude prompts us to think about the good rather than the bad. It’s a positive cycle that helps to fuel itself.

There you have it, the ways in which you can express positive attitude. Remember that your attitude is a choice. And if you want to benefit from the possibilities of a positive attitude, you need to do more that just make a decision to be positive. You also have to discipline to manage that decision. Therefore, always make the adjustments necessary to keep your attitude right.

Ifeanyi Okolo is a motivational teacher, a blogger and an educationist. He creates and delivers concise Sustainable Success teachings and tips with the purpose of helping young people develop their potentials and improve performance capabilities at school and in life. Need to get in touch? Email: / Call: 08034599017 / Web: