Across the hills, in a place of open spaces
I see the hope; before my very eyes-
And off to it I go, crossing the distance.
The hurdles…they weigh me down.
But then the hope I see…beckoning to me

Opportunities abound here
Let not the obstacles obscure what is…
Opportunities for all which only perseverance can guarantee
I see it…across the distance!
Hills in a place of open spaces
Hope which my eyes can see

Come with me to this place
Behold the spectacle of hope
With only a little patience…
Hard work and opportunities meet to bring salvation



At some point when the past meets the future, will you remember me again? 
If I were a stranger, nameless and homeless, would I mean the world to you? 
When  my name I remembers not…
When the teeth my smiles

When the pain in my bones I know…
When the world to me is nothing… 
Would you be there for me?

I’m wondering and I’m concerned 
For it’s [always] not just about the now- 
There’s more to love than the transient
And only the deep things boggle my mind!