Vitamins and minerals are important for growth especially so for teenagers whose hormones are rapidly transforming and body/bones maturing fast. And for the very sporty ones among them, their bodies will definitely require needful calories and nutrients to help keep strong excel in their athleticism. Indeed, there is no underestimating the importance of balanced diet for teenagers. They need it for brain development which will ultimately lead to success in their academics and personally wellbeing. I am sure most of you guys have already been taught these in school. But just to reiterate, please see below the reasons why you need to eat well.

healthy meal

IT MAKES FOR STRONG BONES AND HEALTHY MUSCLES: Every teenage needs nutrients to help their bodies grow, for bones to adequately develop and for muscles to stay strong. All these can be easily achieved by eating maintaining well-balanced diet. Said diet should include everything from proteins

[of all sorts] carbohydrates, fats/lipids, minerals, vitamins, fiber etc. The bones need calcium to grow and mature just as the muscles need protein. Without these nutrients, bones can become weak and break easily while muscles would waste or break down. We don’t want any of these to happen; now do we?!

ENERGY FOR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: It’s important for teenagers to eat a healthy diet in order for them to give their bodies all of the calories [it] need for physical activities. Do not starve yourself except when it’s absolutely necessary because skipping meals can make it difficult to stay awake in class let alone perform well during practice for a sport. As we all know, our bodies get energy from the foods you eat. Therefore, when teenagers skip meals or make unhealthy food choices, their bodies will begin to lack the energy [it] needs. Choosing to eat empty-calorie foods (i.e., foods that have little to no nutritional value) will have similar effects as if you never ate anything.

BALANCED DIETS HAVE IMMUNITY BENEFITS: Eating fruits and vegetables provide the body with nutrients and antioxidants that make it harder for an infection to invade it. This therefore equips the body with the immunity to fight the germs that cause people to become ill. Certain fruits (such as citrus fruits) contain vitamin C, which helps boost teenagers’ immune system. Other fruits such as berries contain important antioxidants that help protect you from certain diseases and types of cancers.

 Having looked through the points above, it is therefore important for every teenager to examine their meals and be sure they are getting the quality nutrients they need. If this is not the case, draw up a balanced diet timetable and present it to your parents. The usual misconception is that it is expensive to eat healthy. But this is usually not the case; healthy food items in the market are usually not as expensive as they are meant to seem. So convince your parents to see the need to change up the menu…for your sake and wellbeing.

Be well.