It is alarming that in 2017, some schools are still reluctant to fully make use of the opportunities provided by information technology. Agreed, quite a number of schools are ICT non-compliant not necessarily because they so desire, but because they lack the resources to do so. Yet, there are schools that could afford it but do not just think it is important to them. Whatever the situation, this post highlights the importance of ICT and why every school should make it available to their students.

ICT MAKES INFORMATION LIMITLESS: When schools provide Internet access in each classroom, it gives students the opportunity to make use of resources beyond class notes and textbooks.

ICT GIVES TEACHERS MORE FREEDOM: Just as it does for students, ICT also helps provide teachers with virtually all the needful resources they need to do their work.

ICT ENABLES STUDENTS TO INCORPORATE DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES: These days, ICT makes things like e-learning possible such that students can easily learn online while complementing the classroom experience they get.

ICT MAKES LEARNING MORE FLEXIBLE: Some teenagers may find online learning more helpful than the typical classroom experience. And that is one opportunity ICT can provide for them, which therefore makes it important.

ICT IS EXCITING:  To them, it is less boring and trendier to learn online with their devices than reading textbooks. Moreover, when teens learn online they get to see the topic being learnt from a whole new perspective than what the classroom and textbooks offer.

ICT PREPARES STUDENTS FOR THE FUTURE: With the rate at which Information Technology is taking over everything including standardized testing, it makes sense that exposing students to early use of the medium makes sense. If they get used to learning with it, it will become a lot easier for them to work with it too.