Zuma Rock is based in Madalla, Niger State and is a mere 45 minute drive from the nation’s capital, Abuja. On a clear day, Zuma rock is visible from the city and is often called the “Gateway to Abuja”.

Fast Facts about Zuma Rock

1. Located along Kaduna Abuja highway, Niger State. Zuma is a beautiful, giant of a rock used for defensive purposes by the Gwari natives against invading neighbouring tribes during the inter tribal wars.

2. Zuma Rock is 725 metres (2,379 ft) above its surroundings.

3. The iconic images of Zuma Rock appears on the 100 Naira bill (National currency)

4. This rock is believed to posses certain powers which rendered enemies powerless and provided the natives with a good hiding places.

5. What makes Zuma Rock particularly special is that the natural contours in the rock face leave the image of a human face with a visible mouth, eyes and nose.

6.  Zuma Rock is twice as high as the world famous Uluru Rock in Australia and more than four times as high as NECOM House, Nigeria’s tallest building.

7. Zuma Rock represents a beautiful and unique natural work of rock formation. If offers a good environment for picnicking and relaxation.