RIDICULOUS: A Woman Who Bought Two Apple iPhones Was Scammed with Two Apples Instead


When you’re looking to buy an Apple iPhone off a classified ad, you expect certain things. Like it having a working touchscreen. Like it actually being an Apple iPhone and not… just an apple. A woman made the dear mistake of buying two apples in an iPhone box when she really wanted two iPhones.

It happened to a woman in Brisbane, Australia who was surfing the online classified website Gumtree. She placed a “Want to Buy” ad saying she was interested in purchasing a few iPhones. Another woman contacted her saying she had two iPhones for her and they agreed to meet up at a McDonald’s. A public place, good idea.

The woman paid $1500 for the two ‘iPhones’, which came in new packaging so she never checked inside. When she went home and opened the iPhone box, she found actual real apples, like the kind you eat. That sucks.

So let this serve as an annual reminder to people buying gadgets online: check, double check, triple check that you’re buying an iPhone made by a company name after a fruit and not the fruit itself.


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