Sadly, These Are The Most Popular Things On The Internet


(By Katie Lepi)

Kittens and bacon are taking over. Quite literally. I was searching for awesome education infographics to share with you, and when I began my search using terms like ‘education’, a graphic about kittens and bacon came up. I’m not joking, guys. Even Google believes that kittens +bacon = education!

But of course, I had to take a look at the handy infographic, and I found that it was actually pretty interesting, since it talks about what’s happening in The World Of The Internet. What are people spending their internet time looking at? Well, this infographic is going to tell you. Maybe you’ll be surprised, maybe you won’t, but we’re going to spoil it for you: screw email, research, and shopping; Kittens and bacon rule.

Do Kittens And Bacon Rule The Web?

  • Yes, yes they do.
  • There are approximately 30,400,000 searches for ‘cat’ on google each month.
  • There are approximately 6,120,000 searches for ‘bacon’ each month on google.
  • Keyboard Cat has over 31 million views on YouTube.
  • The grumpy cat has over a million facebook fans.
  • has 3.6 million readers per month, and has raised over $32 million from investors.



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