SAGGING PANTS: The True Meaning Behind Wearing Your Pants on the Ground

Hey folks, let’s discuss this sagging thing. For your information (For those who don’t already know), the trend of sagging pants didn’t start in the streets or with hip hop culture, this style of wearing pants with underwear exposed originated in the prisons of the US in the 1960s. Back then prisoners weren’t allowed to have belts, because prison officials feared inmates would use them to hang themselves. Because of this rule all prisoners wore their pants below their waist, as the years progressed, homosexual rape became a norm in prisons.

In jails in those days, when a man wants another man to be his “girlfriend” he would force or rape the man into submission and then afterwards would make the man wear his pants below his back side to show that he was “taken” by another man.

Besides, “The saggy pants movement” is another awful truth. Back in the days of lynching, The whites would catch young African American males and kill them, once killed they would hang them right side up and had their “Manhood” cut off. After the victims have had their “Manhood” cut off then they would display them with their pants sagging off to show that they had it taken from them, much like in jail. Wow! weird you say…

Today there are absolutely no differences in thug culture and prison culture. This is definitely the in-thing among the young folks. These young men actually think they look tough and rough when they wear their jeans on their thighs, and have their underwear exposed.

Let’s examine that for a minute. Most people’s response for the origin of this would be to call it a new look that makes you look like a “Thug” or “Gangsta”. They see their favourite artists like Davido, Wizkid, etc do it and now they are all copying their trends and style. Knowing the origin of sagging and what it actually depicts, it’s sad to know that these celebrities are following “The Saggy Movement”. Are all these “Gangsta celebs” trying to tell us something about their secret lives?

Hopefully someone reading this will inform others of the truth and help to stop a fashion statement that is not only ugly but extremely disrespectful to the wearer and views of it. Truly I believe that this look not only shames the person but an entire generation. Let’s say no to Sagging!

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “SAGGING PANTS: The True Meaning Behind Wearing Your Pants on the Ground”

  1. Jefferson SM Noah

    this is not just the truth,
    it is the very important truth
    the youths of our time need to know
    youths now mistake street madness
    for some kind of fashion style or
    show off.

  2. Comment…sagging pants and trouser is satanic manipulation, any one involved in it should do away friom it, or such people need deliverancne to enable them make heaven

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