Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, some with breathtaking amazing innovations, others with variations on well-established themes.

Entrepreneurs are everything from lawyers, accountants etc, although few people fall into it by accident after losing their jobs or getting fed up of corporate life, some want to turn their passion or hobby into the focus of their work

Many have goals to grow business that will make them rich, others want to turn clever ideas into new products and services, while some want to control work-life balance and claim personal life back.

Some start without much money, others secure venture capital backing or loans and get millions to launch their business.

Anyone can become a successful entrepreneur, either a school dropout or an experienced manager, what is needful is passion, determination, relationship building skills and hard work not just balance sheet, they are just business tools.

The first step towards becoming an entrepreneur requires no action at all, it’s not about acting, but thinking.

Chase a passion, not cash. Waiting to be rich doesn’t generate wealth. Entrepreneurs are not driven by money but they love what they do.

Enjoy business and people: Get an enthusiasm for the idea of running a business. Have an appetite for engaging with other people, it’s all about people and relationships, it’s about forging social connections with investors, suppliers, employees, customers, competitors.

Enjoy making mistakes: Entrepreneurs thrive on mistakes, don’t be held back by your fear or failure. Your mistakes give you an opportunity to learn, improve your process and eliminate methods that don’t work. It is an experience that will help you find the right formula.

Broaden your perspective: True entrepreneurs seek inspiration from everything they do, everyone they speak to, anything they teach or engage with. The look around themselves and ask, what if? And thus they read widely and usually out of their industry.

Get started: Don’t wish to be an entrepreneur, don’t dream or talk about being one, take actions and make it happen. Set time aside to think, discuss, plan or research.

Get it on paper: It is about clarifying your goals for yourself; you do not need an MBA to write a good plan. A business plan is merely a set of steps outlining what you are going to do and when you are going to do it.

For senior students, this is seemingly resourceful, take advantage of it as much as you can. See you at the top!