School collaborates with stakeholders to curb waste, environmental issues

In a bid to curb waste environmental issues, Nigeria Tulip International College, Lagos recently organised a science and art fair to provide practical solutions to some of these environmental problems.
The fair brought schools as well as captains of industries, parents and members of the public together where they deliberated on the many challenges and how to effectively manage waste.

The Principal, Mr. Emre Dogan said the aim of the science and art fair was to take students out of the class works to real-life experience and practical solution to issues.
He urged other schools and stakeholders to train their students on how to save the earth, manage waste by recycling them to wealth and save the environment from pollution and degradation.

“Our schools have several departments where students are taught and execute some of our projects. Art and craft is very important; art is life and our way of living, we have Turkish, French, English cultures amongst other languages, art brings us together. The world is a global village; anything that affects one part affects the other.

Vice-principal, academics and science, Mrs Akinsanya Fausat charged everybody to be concerned and clean their environment not leaving it for the government alone.
“Our fair came out of inspiration from the collective efforts by our teachers and students to do this project. We allow other students to show creativity outside academics, using their hands. We create a conducive atmosphere for children to learn and use information technology to make learning fun. Our libraries are well stocked with up to date materials.”

The students at the fair showcased a drama on “manage the waste and litters” the need for environmental sanitation and also addressed climate change issues to sensitise the public.

Global warming and climate change is a vital issue that is affecting everybody especially in Nigeria, so everybody should be a part of managing waste.

Mrs. Jumoke Obadofin Thomas, vice-principal of the nursery and primary arm of the school told The Guardian that combating global warming and waste should be a collective effort.

She charged government to provide different waste bins with labels such as disposable, decompose and recycling rather than keeping all in one place like most people do and charged individuals and companies to see how they can make money from recycled waste and as well generate employment for the unemployed.


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