Secondary School Students To Begin Learning Natural Medicine At School

Primary and secondary schools nationwide will soon commence teaching of Natural Medicine in order to give pupils and students a head start in the knowledge and efficacy of natural medicine.

This was disclosed by the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), Professor Godswill Obioma at the opening session of the planning and writing workshop for Natural Medicine Curriculum which held recently in Lagos for a week.

According to him, issues in Natural Medicine that are pertinent to the lives of school children will be adequately infused into the curriculum, adding that the curriculum’s contents will be adequate in terms of coverage.

Teachers and learners
His words: “The curriculum’s objectives will be well stated in simple terms; adequate in scope, measurable to a large extent and exhaustive in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The activities of teachers and learners as regards the, curriculum will be comprehensive enough for the topics, it will be hazard free and will recognize the environmental and cultural background of learners”.

He further said: “The teaching and learning materials to be spelt out by the curriculum will be comprehensive, available and affordable, can be improvised and will be appropriate for the age, level and experience of learners”.

The professor of Mathematics Education assured that since Nigerian curricula encourages learning by practicals and self-learning strategies, the content activities of the Natural Medicine Curriculum will be presented in practical – oriented steps and stages that will enable learners see, touch, handle and feel, so that they can internalize what they learn and use it for solving health-related  problems.

Obioma revealed that the on-going development of the Natural Medicine Curriculum is in tandem with the current commitment of the Federal Government, to the promotion of Natural Medicine in the country.

Experts in natural medicine and specialists in curriculum from across the country participated at the week-long planning and writing workshop.

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  1. Really! D teachers on ground how much are u paying, at the level at which schools are deteriorating in Nigeria, hope FG will not employ traditionalist that aren’t well trained to teach the students rubbish

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