A school library is a place in the school where vast collections of academic books are kept. These books are made available to the students to increase their knowledge and understanding on various subjects. A school library plays a great role in the life of a student. (Important India, 2016)

A library is the store house of knowledge, the power house of any school. In a library, students can find books on various subjects such as Chemistry, Geography, English, Mathematics, etc.

A school library has positive impression on the academic success of the student. Students can perform better during examination by reading various books in the library which could either be read inside the library or borrowed from the library.

Every school is expected to have a librarian to guide the students in the use of the library as every library has its modus operand. Learning the modus operand peculiar to your school library will be of benefit to you as you make effort to use the library for the sake of academic success.

A library does assist you to borrow books or use them in the library to study. There are situations whereby students learn about a new subject in class and need to do further consultation with more advanced academic materials, the library is available for this and also supports students in the same vein in their study.

The library is an important place in every school as it provides a good environment that is peaceful enough for students to study without disturbances. Sometimes, you need to excuse your class to visit the library to learn without the noises that flock your classes when the class seems less busy.

One can learn off his field of study, especially when you are in the sciences, you can learn from literature materials in the library that talks about psychology, arts, history etc and thus horn your skills in whatever field you desire and be ahead of your colleagues in your class.

Taking advantage of the privileges that the library offers is an outstanding attempt to take hold of one future in an outstanding manner. Knowledge is indeed power and one of the greatest sources of knowledge is a school library which must be considerably explored.