In a country like Nigeria, where we are taught to embrace hardwork and diligence at all times, so we can make money, it would be erroneous to say hard work will not make you rich but quite a number of evidences seem to back up this conclusion and it is important to note that this article is specifically addressing the senior students who would sooner or later embrace entrepreneurship.

You aren’t aware of the evidences? Take a good look at a brick layer, how much of hard work he puts into the making of blocks, a daily pay of N2500 all his life will never give him a life of comfort. He might wallow long in the subsistence level for as long as he can get the gimmick of building wealth.

The unfortunate part of this is that people that get to dwell at the substituent level of life daily blame themselves for this. They conclude that it’s their fault. They blame themselves for not having done enough even after doing all the right things they did. Some conclude that they weren’t lucky or God hadn’t created them to succeed in the first instance.

It was necessary to discuss this topic especially to young minds in the secondary school because a lot of them get into this same pitfall of working hard and never achieving anything substantial. Does it then mean that building wealth is easy? Does it mean that to build wealth doesn’t require hardwork? No, it does require hardwork but hardwork doing the right thing.

If you make effort to ask many poverty stricken people what it is that they set out to do to build wealth, they tell you, they just wanted to work hard at what they were doing. It is a misconception for them. It is a good one that you have known still that hardwork is a necessary ingredient for success but it can never make you wealthy, only if it’s concentrated on the right things that will generate wealth for you.

To be a wealthy person in life, you should consider building a business and work hard at it. Take a cue from the young Mark Zuckerberg, he built Facebook and in the rank and file of Billionaires, he is the 5th richest man in the world. You should start thinking about this now that you are young and agile!

However, not everyone can build a business because of the intricacies involved but even when you work as an intrapreneur, an innovative employee, you must work hard to do the best on your team.