Every single day, a teenager somewhere experiences puberty; those dramatic bodily changes that herald active sexual maturity. In the light of this, there is a need to continually teach these teenagers everything they need  about sex. That said, take your time and read through the fast facts about sex education. We hope you learn!

  1. First of all, ‘No penetration’ does not necessarily equal safety from STIs and no pregnancy
  2. A girl can still get pregnant if she has sex during her menstrual cycle
  3. Sex while menstruating, is not harmful
  4. Washing the vagina after having sex does not by any means prevent pregnancy
  5. You will not get STIs such as HIV by kissing
  6. A girl can very easily get pregnant even if it’s her first sexual experience
  7. Genitals (both the penis and the vagina) need constant attention and proper hygiene
  8. Sex is very enjoyable but comes with lots of responsibilities. That is why it is best suitable for adults!
  9. Not all women bleed when they have sex for the first time!
  10. Masturbation does not cause impotency
  11. Once again, it is very possible for a girl to get pregnant, even if the boy pulls out before ejaculating
  12. Whether you catch an STI or not has nothing to do with frequency of sexual intercourse
  13. Not all cases of HIV lead to AIDS!
  14. Just like most consumer products, Condoms too have expiry dates!
  15. Oral sex and penetrative sex are two separate kinds of sex which achieves the same result which is pleasure
  16. Whereas oral sex does not lead to pregnancy, it does present the risk of contracting certain STIs.
  17. The word “virgin” does not only refer to a female who has never had sex; it also refers to the male who has never done same
  18. The true definition of a virgin is a person who has never experienced any form of sexual gratification
  19. Sex is not bad in itself. But the intention behind it and the time is what makes it bad
  20. It is advisable that people engage in sexual activity when they are physically and mentally mature enough to handle the responsibilities associated with it
  21. Finally, my advice to every teenager is to put some restraints on
    [their] sexual urges until they can truly make “informed choices” pertaining to sex and its consequences