SHOCKING: Military Arrest 13-Yr-Old Girl Spying For Boko Haram


A 13-year-old girl was arrested by Special Forces of the Nigerian Army Unit in Gwoza over having been recruited by Boko Haram insurgents to spy on the military formation.

An AK-47 rifle was recovered from the teenager’s residence, Thisday Live reports with reference to NAN. She teenager also led the military to 3 more girls carrying out the same function. 

All the detained girls are currently being interrogated.

A security source explained to the correspondent that Boko Haram members have probably started recruiting children to spy on military so insurgents could arrange further attacks.

The source also expressed fear that the terrorists might use the abducted Chibok girls for similar purposes:

“In fact, there are concerns that those people might use some of those Chibok girls for such a dangerous mission when they are eventually released.”

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