Today I am focusing a lot on health and healthy lifestyle because as a popular saying goes, health is wealth. Unhealthy teens can barely feel good with themselves much less perform academically whereas on the other hand, healthy teens are typically most excellent at their academics. Now considering that parents are directly in charge of determining what their teens eat (seeing as they are the ones who purchase the foodstuff) it is important that they also play active roles in encouraging teens to eat healthy, balanced diet. The imperative question now becomes how. Below are some simple ways.

First and foremost, parents must live by example. It should not be over-stressed how easily teenagers imitate adults such that if they see you doing some things, they inevitably try doing such things too. Therefore, parents should first let their lifestyles exemplify healthy eating. When that happens, they can find it easy to encouraging their teens to do so too.

Parents should also encourage teens to eat healthy by pointing out the benefits of doing so.  And in doing so, it is important for parents to ensure that they are not forceful or even overly preachy. Instead, they should be sincere with their suggestion, showing concern and letting teens realize that they care. And above all, they must ensure to make available a variety of healthy meals to choose from.

Parents should also see their teens as active partners in healthy eating. Let them be actively-involved in drafting and planning of the meals timetable. Ask them to research the health benefits of certain kinds of food items as against the others, with special focus on how particular foods help keep the body and mind in good conditions. Doing all these will help teens realize just how important healthy dieting can be.