Simple Steps To Help Your Child Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the deadliest things we are dealing with as humans. The act of procrastinating is not limited to adults alone. kids are also vulnerable.

Watching your kids go through the process of procrastinating can be extremely painful. As a parent, when you notice your child is gradually developing the habit of procrastinating, instead of watching them continue to wallow in such an act, you have to wade in to help out.

Procrastination is a chronic problem that hinders the growth of an individual and, children are not left out.

What are the Simple Steps To take to Help Your Child Beat Procrastination?

-Teach them how to create a schedule
Taking this step will help you train your kids on how to create a schedule of what to do and how to achieve it.

This way, it makes them more organized and not erratic in the way they do things.

How can you teach them how to create a schedule?

Get your kids together, tell them to list out what they plan to do for the day, help them look into it, share ideas with them on how they can achieve what they planned to do.

Practice this frequently with them.

-Give room for trial and error.
To help your kids break the habit of procrastinating, you have to know that there is a one-size-fits-all solution. As a parent, have a conversation with your kids on which method works best for them give room for some trial and error until they find a routine that works for them.

-Figure out their negative thought.
Help your kids figure out the negative thoughts that allow them to feel down. examples of the negative thought are
“I can never do this on my own;” “I am not smart;” “If I don’t do this right/perfectly, I will get into trouble.”
When you figure out their negative thoughts, encourage them to stay positive.

-Help your child to feel understood.
There are times your kids will feel very overwhelmed with tasks that make them lose their confidence and triggers negative thoughts.
In such situations, you have to help your kids feel understood even though you do not agree with their point of view, look for a way to encourage them to reframe their thoughts: “I know you’re thinking, that this is impossible, but do you know you can achieve it. Revive their confidence

-Reward your child
As a parent, you have to devise means to encourage your kids when assigned a task, for example, an assignment.
Consider rewarding a segment of their assignment with something fun it will encourage them to complete their assignment.

-Praise your child.
Congratulate them for the efforts made. This act will encourage them to do more.

Follow the steps discussed in this article, and watch how your kids will beat the habit of procrastinating.

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