Behaviour simply refers to the way and manner in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others.

Below are positive behaviours that will catch your teacher’s attention.


No teacher is happy to see a student walk into the class when lessons have started. It is right for the students to await their teacher and not the other way. Attending class assures that you won’t miss important materials and this goes further to create a good impression of you in the sight of your teacher. Every class you miss reduces your credibility in your teacher’s eye.

Some students deliberately miss classes because they already know what is to be taught or they find it easy to read and understand quickly. This isn’t right because the teacher might find it insulting and an act of flippancy, thereby grading you poorly even when you perform extremely well in the exam, your poor grade might also be because the teacher attached a very high mark to attendance.

Imagine the amount of money paid by your parents for your school fees and you decide to miss classes regularly, how do you think they would feel when they realize you don’t go for classes regularly?

So if you care about how your teacher see you and how your parents would feel when they realize you don’t go for classes, you should try to attend every class on time.


Getting your teacher to like you requires you making extra efforts and sitting in front of the class is one of those extra efforts. It is easier for your teacher to see you when you are seated in front than behind. Student who sit in the front row tend to have better academic grades as there is less distractions due to the presence of the teacher. Sitting in front would help you to have a better and clearer vision of what is on the board. It is also easier for the teacher to call anyone in the front row when he needs assistance than a student who is seated behind.


This is another basic way of achieving visibility and impressing your teacher. Getting involved in class activities has a lot of benefits attached to it. Involvement in class activities include asking questions, answering questions, making germane suggestions etc.

Teachers find it very discouraging when they try to get a discussion going among the students and the whole class just sits there looking lost and confused, this is one of the best time to catch the teacher’s attention by speaking up. It takes a lot of boldness to rise above the fear of answering a question wrongly, but making an attempt will send a sharp signal to your teacher that you are paying attention to what he/she is saying. This might finally come with a reward of a handshake or an extra mark/point which will automatically boost your grade.


Teachers like students who stick to time and never fail their expectations as regards exact time delivery. They find it very irritating to deal with students who always come up with various excuses or reasons for not submitting their assignment, class work or research works on time. It is extremely difficult for them to start grading your personal script after they are done with that of every other students in the class.

If you are that student who never misses a deadline, you will make a favourable impression on your teacher and this would make him/her use you as an example to the set of students who always fail to meet up deadline. Submitting an assignment on time is a top notch skill every teacher admires especially when it is done perfectly well and not a rush work.


If you want to go the extra mile, it is necessary to have creative ideas that help you stand out from the rest of the students, let your style of answering test questions differ from that of other students. Try to do more than the minimum.

Take for instance your teacher has to sit and grade over fifty papers at night. Imagine how boring it would appear if they are all exactly the same but if you can inject a bit of creativity into your work (as long as you follow instructions and do the work you’re supposed to do), most teachers will like that.


As you get older and go through school, teachers will respect and admire students who learn to think for themselves, not students who just repeat what they’ve heard. If you display at any age that you are a creative and independent thinker, that’ll be something to respect and admire. 

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