Social Studies JSS 3 Week 2

Topic: Causes and Consequences of Conflict
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  • Causes of Conflicts
  • Effects of conflict on the society
  • Conflict management and resolution

Causes of Conflicts

The following points below are the causes of conflicts-

  • Conflict can arise when someone or group or a group of people neglect their roles or duties
  • When the funds of the community  or the people are mismanaged by leaders, there is bound to be conflict
  • Conflicts can arise when people struggle to get something that other people are also interested in.
  • Conflicts also occur in groups, associations and between groups as a result of difference in opinions
  • Differences in in the interpretation of the aims or objectives of a group or association
  • Absence of mutual trust and understanding amongst people brings about conflict
  • It occurs when someone is domination other members of a group
  • Rudeness/stubbornness may cause conflict.

Effects/Consequences of Conflicts on the Society

The following are the effects of conflicts on the society

  1. Conflicts result into the break down of law and order
  2. It makes it difficult for people to achieve common goals and objectives
  3. Conflicts bring about disunity
  4. It brings about hatred and disaffection among members of a group or association
  5. It leads to confusion, insecurity, anxiety and unhappiness
  6. It leads to unhealthy political rivalry
  7. Withdrawal and miscommunication or non-communication
  8. Complaints and blaming
  9. Lowered motivation and Decreased morale
  10. It leads to inefficiency and laziness
  11. It leads to division and separation
  12. Poor decision-making
  13. It causes mental and emotional disturbances
  14. It leads to a decrease in productivity and economic depression
  15. It leads to loss of lives and properties
  16. It brings lack of peace and harmony
  17. Increased costs (time, money) devoted to dealing with the conflict
  18. Wasted resources and energy spent dealing with the conflict
  19. Decreased productivity
  20. Backstabbing and gossip
  21. Attitudes of distrust and hostility (that may influence all future interactions
  22. (Permanent) erosion to personal, work, and community relationship
  23. Damaged emotional and psychological well-being of those involved in the conflict
  24. Dissatisfaction and stress

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict management can be defined in two ways.

  1. It can be referred to as the effort made to stop the conflict from arising
  2. It is the effort made when the conflict has already started, to minimize its destructive impact

Conflict resolution refers to the deliberate efforts made at resolving disputes for peace and stability of the warring communities. It brings a conflict to a final end as it ensures that all parties to the conflict are satisfied with the settlement.

Test and Exercise

  1. Differentiate between conflict resolution and conflict management
  2. List 5 causes of conflicts
  3. Give 10 effects of conflicts on the society

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