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SS1 Biology Second Term: Concept Of Culturing

SS1 Biology Second Term: Concept Of Culturing

Concept Of Culturing

Culturing simply involves the techniques of growing micro-organisms in special media in the laboratory. It involves the making of sterile medium, inoculating, incubating and examining micro-organisms. By this means, micro-organism characteristics such as colour, pattern of growth and appearance can be seen. Culture of micro-organisms can be grown from water, air, animals, plants and various parts of human body.

Preparation of Culture Solution

  • The culture solution called Agar is prepared under sterile conditions
  • Then boil and pour it into sterile petri-dish
  • Allow it to cool and set in the petri-dish
  • A heat sterilizer may be used to kill micro-organisms in the petri-dish
  • The material is then introduced into the agar medium and covered immediately
  • Place the petri-dish in warm but dark compartment or an incubator
  • Observe and record what you have seen for 2-3 days

Instruments Required for the Preparation of Culture Solution

Major instruments required for the preparation of culture solution are…

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