God wants us to live a holy life. Yet, he is aware of our weaknesses and that is why he is always ready to forgive and welcome us back to his fold. However, when we constantly derail and live in sin, God becomes unhappy. But even at that,he is still slow to anger, sending his words of salvation to us [instead] through his vessels (the pastors), through the Bible, our parents and even teachers . These words of salvation are meant to urge us to repent and come back to him. For those who repeatedly fail to repent, there are punishments for waiting. Some of them will be outlined below-

a. Favour of God will not be with you again

b. Devil will use you as his pencil and crayon

c. The Holy Spirit will depart from you

d. Death

e. Unanswered prayers

f. Lack of prosperity

g. Failure in examinations

h. Living an unhappy and stress-filled life

i. You’ll lack peace

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