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SS1 Home Economics Third Term: Child Development


A normal child grows rapidly in size, height and weight. If the child is making progress in what he does with his mind, and body, he is said to be developing.

Growth: Is an increase in the physical size of the whole body or any of its part.

Development: Is an increase in skills and complexity of function

Factors Influencing Child Development

  1. Heredity: this is the tendency for a parent to transfer characteristics to his/her child
  2. Environment: this includes everything that is outside the child.

B. Principles of Child Development

  1. Children have individual differences
  2. Individual differences make children to develop differently
  3. A child should develop steadily to form a definite pattern
  4. Development starts from the head and then spread to other part of the body
  5. Development is influenced by heredity and the environment

C. Areas of Development

  1. Physical Development: This development involves the physical structure and their function in a child e.g the brain muscle and the bones.
  2. Mental Development: This is the development of intellectual abilities. It involves the ability to think, understand, solve problems e.t.c
  3. Social Development: This involves the development of behaviour that is acceptable roles and social attitudes.
  4. Emotional Development: This involves feelings and how a person expresses such feelings. For instance: anger, happiness e.t.c
  5. Moral Development: This development shows in behavioural patterns and in how children treat other people…

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