Meaning of Conflict

Conflict is the breakdown of a harmonious relationship, arising from a clash of interests. It also means disagreement, struggle and quarrel between people. Conflict is natural  in every human society. It could occur due to differences in views, opinions and ambitions of the individuals with those of the group.

Types of Conflicts

Conflicts can be classified into two types; they are:

  1. Peaceful or non-violent conflict: This is defined as the conflict that does not involve the use of force; it could be inform of a disagreement of workers and management over salaries, it is a trade dispute and it is non-violent conflict because the workers and the management will hold a dialogue to resolve area of disagreement.
  2. Violent Conflict: A conflict is violent when it is not settled peacefully and it leads to war. An example is the 1967-1970 civil war in Nigeria which arose as a result of lack of co-operation among Nigerians. In a violent conflict, property is destroyed and people are displaced , injured, or killed.

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