• JSS 3 Social Studies Third Term week 1

    Topic: Employment


            1. Meaning of employment

            2. Meaning of unemployment

            3. Consequences of unemploymen […]

  • Social Studies, JSS 3, Second Term, Week 8
    Topic: Causes Of International Conflicts And The Organizations Helping To Resolve World Conflicts
    Definition of International conflicts
    These are disagreements and […]

  • JSS 3 Social Studies First Term
    Week 8
    Topic: Nature of The Nigerian Economy

    General Overview of the Nigerian Economy

  • Social Studies,JSS 2 First Term
    Week 9
     Topic: Information and Communication Technology 

    Meaning of ICT
    Forms of ICT
    Advantages of ICT
    Disadvantages of ICT

    Meaning: ICT is an ac […]

  • Social Studies, JSS 1, Second Term
    Week 8
    Topic: Challenges associated with contemporary social problems
    Content: The challenges of social issues and problems on:

    The Individual
    The Family
    The N […]

  • Social Studies
    JSS 1 – First Term
    Week 5
    Topic: Culture and Social Values II
             1. Historical origin of major ethnic groups
             2. Culture similarities in Nigeria
             3. Cultural […]

  • Geography, SS 1, First Term
    Week 10
    Topic: Major Landforms-Features

    Major types of land form
    Major types of mountain and their characteristic

    There are three major types of land forms on […]

  • Geography, SS 1, First Term
    Week 9
    Topic: Basic Concept Of Geographic Information System (GIS)

    Meaning of Geographic Information System and examples(GIS)
    Points for bore-holes, settlements […]

  • Geography, SS 1, First Term
    Week 8
    Topic: Rocks

    Types of Rock
    Characteristics of Rocks
    Mode of Formation of rock types
    Importance of Rock to Man


    Definition of Rock

    A rock is a […]

  • Geography, SS 1, First Term
    Week 7
    Topic: Earth’s Structure (II)

    1.The Earth crust

    2.The Mantle or Mesosphere

    3.The core or Barysphere



    The Earth is made up of four dist […]

  • Government SS 3, Second Term
    Week 5&6
    Topic: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 
    Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are 8 international goals that were officially established following the m […]

  • Government, SS 2,Third Term
    Week 8&9
    Topic:Local Government Administration In Nigeria
    Local government may be defined as a government established through an Act at the local level to deal with […]

  • Government, SS 2,Third Term
    Week 7
    Topic:Conflict Resolutions And Management, Peace Education
    Meaning of Conflict

    Conflict is the breakdown of a harmonious relationship, arising from a clash of interests. It […]

  • Government, SS 2,Third Term
    Week 5&6
    Topic: Military Rule In Nigeria
    Historical Background

    Nigeria’s first military junta began following the 1966 Nigerian coup d’état which overthrew Prime Minister Alha […]

  • Government, SS 2,Third Term
    Week 2&3
    Topic: Second Republic Political Parties In Nigeria
    -National Party of Nigeria(NPN)-Organizational Structure
    The party’s beginning could be traced to private and sometimes […]

  • Definition of Fruit Farming

    Fruit farming is defined as the type of farming which farmers cultivate mainly fruit crops either for domestic, industrial or commercial purposes. It is also regard to as orchad […]

  • Christian Religious Knowledge JSS1
    Week 9

    LESSON 1
    Reconciliation is defined as the act of finding a satisfactory way of dealing with  or se […]

  • English Language SS3 First Term
    Week 2
    Structure: Revision of Nouns and Noun Phrases
    Skill Focus: How to study a Text
    Spoken English: Revision /ə/ and /i/
    A. Structure: Revision of Nouns and No […]

    Human Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology
    Human reproductive system refers to the organ that consists of the external and internal parts in both gametes, i.e. male and female reproductive system.
    Anatomy refers […]

    Topic: A Receptionist
    A receptionist is the first contact person that attends to visitors in an organisation. A receptionist is regarded as a representative of the organisation. The attitude of the receptionist […]

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