A person’s intelligence is said to be the raw brain power that one has. Yes, it is in genes but as human grows; his intelligence is affected by many factors: nutrition, parents’ support, education and perseverance. So basically, our intelligence is dictated by heredity, environment and other factors.

How about the study skills? Is it inborn or acquired? Well, the answer is most likely acquired. Because studying is a skill that everybody can learn. Study skill is not inborn or instinctual, but rather takes practice and commitment to get right.

Students with good study skills are the ones who frequently have better academic performance. You may be an intelligent person but if you don’t have a good study skill, your grades may not be always that high.

On the other hand, students who are not very bright are the ones who are always encouraged to develop a good study habit to help them retain the knowledge they learned and understand the underlying concepts of their lectures.

All students whether smart or not need perseverance and commitment to study in regular schedule to develop their study skills. This is particularly important during high school and college years where being smart or intelligent is not really enough because it is during these times, when students must learn to study properly to attain good grades.