We are ever engaged in a learning process all through our lifetime. Most times, this process goes on unconsciously or consciously.

We pick up new disciplines and habits and drop some when we are exposed to a set of information and experiences. Change is the only constant phenomenon and the fact that we are always changing is proof that we are always learning.

Undoubtedly, learning is not restricted to the four walls of a school alone, we learn practically from everything, and everyone.
We must of necessity pay attention to the learning process and the dynamics of learning since learning is integral to our advancement and progress, not just in the academic world but in life generally.

Learning can be fun and can also be boring and exhausting. However, to maximize learning, we must be self-aware, we must know what works best for us and stick to it. Learning can either be fun or boring. We make learning enjoyable by engaging different learning styles.

Some important learning techniques that exist are:

1. Visual learning style
The visual learning style involves learning and accessing information through visual media in the form of charts, graphs, and flashcards.

2. Auditory learning style
In auditory learning style, the student learns through reading words, discussion, and verbal instruction

3. Kinesthetic learning style
Here, a student learns best by doing, touch, feel, and body movement.

So to get the best learning experience, find out the learning style that works best for you and stick to it.

Now, there are also several factors that influence learning. These includes:
1. Attention: If effective learning occurs, the student needs to pay attention to the instructor and the lessons.
2. Interest: The higher the interest a student shows for a particular course the better his chances of doing well in the course. Research has shown that students perform better in subjects they have an interest in.
3. Environment: The design and setting of the learning environment greatly influence the students’ learning pace. As expected, under a conducive learning environment, students have better academic performance and better memory retention.
4. The instructor: Students who were written off as blockheads, turned out to become one of the brightest students through the help of a good instructor.