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Burj Khalifa

The Engineering Behind How Skyscrapers Go High Above the World and Stay That Way

Though there may not be many, if any skyscraper in Nigeria, but we do have high rise buildings; and the scope of their design is similar to that of a skyscraper, only that in the case of the latter, more has to be taken into consideration - because the higher and more complex a structure, [...]

See How the Height of Buildings Have Changed in Over 4,000 Years of Human History (PHOTOS)

Buildings were not always as tall as we have them today. Improved scientific methods and better innovations in building technology have made it possible for building to go high, and up above the world. Take a look at the progression in the height of buildings from more than four thousand years ago in ancient Egypt [...]

Burj Khalifa – The Tallest Building in the World

Name of the building: Burj Khalifa Location: Dubai Country: United Arab Emirates Designed by: Adrian Smith Opened in: 2010 Space covered: 309,473 square meters Height: 829.8 meters Floors: 164 Used as: Corporate offices, suites and hotel. Major materials used: Glass, steel, concrete and aluminium Cost: 1.5 billion US Dollars Website: http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/ 5 Quick Facts About [...]

Check Out These 6 Awesome Places In DUBAI!!!

Dubai is a wonderful place with lots of tourist centres. Check out the pictures of interesting places at Dubai. The holidays are here and if you visit Dubai by chance this holiday, here are some interesting places and views you would love to see. 1. Dubai,  the home of the world’s tallest building, The Burj [...]