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Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic – SS2}: Orderliness

Civic Education, SS 2, Week 6 Topic: Orderliness Content: Meaning of Orderliness Examples of orderliness Roles of Orderliness in the Society Meaning of Orderliness Orderliness can be defined as the art of doing things in a peaceful orderly manner. It is the act by which things are arranged in a proper, neat and systematic way [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – JSS1}: Democracy

Civic Education, JSS 1 Week Topic: Democracy Contents: Meaning of Democracy Types of Democracy Places of Popular Participation Characteristics of Democracy How Democracy works Democracy Democracy can be defined as a government of the people, by the people and for the people in ordinary terms. Democracy is a system of government in which all the [...]

Classwork Series and Exercise {Civic Education – JSS1}: Promoting National Unity

JSS 1 Civic Education First Term Week 8 Topic: Promoting National Unity Content - The means of promoting national unity How individuals can promote national unity Promoting National Unity Promoting national unity is the work of everybody in the country, the government and individual should be involved in the means of promoting national unity. Establishment [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education- SS 2}: How Employment Can Alleviate Poverty

Topic: How Employment Can Alleviate Poverty Content- Meaning of employment Ways by which employment can alleviate poverty Employment Employment is a situation where a person who is willing and able to work gets a befitting work to do. It is the act of been gainfully employed either by public, private parastatals or by one-self (self [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – JSS3}: Protection of Human Right

JSS 3 Civic Education First Term Week 3 Topic- Protection of Human Right Content Meaning of Human Right Types of Human Right Human Rights Human rights are privileges that every citizens of a nation must enjoy. The government is the sole protector of human right, if human rights are not protected by the government, many [...]

Religious Tolerance and Intolerance

Religious Intolerance Religious Intolerance, is when a group (e.g., a society, religious group, non-religious group) specifically refuses to tolerate practices, persons or beliefs on religious grounds. This is an unwillingness to accept different religious beliefs. Refusing to acknowledge and support the right of individuals to have their own beliefs and related legitimate practices. Also, the [...]

Civic Education – Self Reliance

Civic Education JSS1 Week 4 Topic : Self Reliance Content: Meaning of Self Reliance Attributes and Basis of Self Reliance Benefits of Self Reliance Processes of Identifying, Nurturing and Perfecting Talents and Skills How to Nurture the Identified Talent Consequences of Wasted talents and Underdeveloped Skills Possible Areas of Specialisation for Talent Discoveries A. Self [...]

Civic Education – Types of Constituted Authorities

CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY A Constituted Authority refers to the different forms of Leadership established for the smooth running of the society. In every society, there are groups, associations, schools, government and business organizations that are composed of different groups of people. Each of these organizations have leaders and these leaders are referred to as Constituted Authority. [...]

Classwork Series – Civic Education: Short Comings In Public Service

Reasons for Short comings in Public Service Colonial Influence: Most public corporations incorporated in Nigeria during the colonial era are no longer inform since the departure of colonial masters who were the initiators of this public corporation. Some of these public corporations were seized and manipulated by private individuals into their own private businesses. Corruption: [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – SS2}: Citizens Responsibilities

SS 2 Civic Education  Week 2 Topic: Citizens Responsibilities Content- Duties and obligations of Nigerian citizens Duties and Obligations of Nigerian Citizens A citizen is a legal member of a given state who possesses full constitutional, legal or natural rights in the state he or she resides. A citizen is "a person owing loyalty to and [...]

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