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The Interesting Stories of Babies Born On Airplane Flights and Other Matters

In 1990, a heavily pregnant Debbie Owen, accompanied by four-year-old daughter Claire, was flying from Ghana where she worked to London on a British Airways flight. Unexpectedly, she went into labour and was quickly moved into first class which was cleared of passengers. It was her good fortune that Dutch doctor, Wym Bakker, was also [...]

Teens, Dr Gupta Explains Why You Behave the Way You Do

And it all lies in your brain - the rate of formation, maturation, and how well you use it. Dr Sanjay Gupta is the Chief Medical Correspondent at CNN, and anchor of the feature show Vital Minds. In a video, he gives a scientific explanation on why teenagers - whose bodies have been primed by hormones [...]

21 Most Used Acronyms By Teens On Social Media. Do You Use Any of These?

CNN's digital correspondent, Kelly Wallace gives her report on a two-year investigation carried out by Anderson Cooper and his team. They collected 150,000 posts written by 200 13-year olds on social media - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - at eight different schools across the United States; with permission from the teens, their parents, and their schools, [...]

WEIRD: Just as US Vice President thinks ‘Africa’ is a country, even CNN has NO IDEA where Nigeria is

You would think an acclaimed news broadcaster like CNN would know where Nigeria is located, but it seems they are a bit ignorant of the African map. The leading news television channel was recently reporting on the Ebola crisis currently developing in West Africa when they mistakenly portrayed Nigeria as located in the place of [...]

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