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11 Websites To Learn To Code For Free

You know that it’s totally possible to learn to code for free but what are the best resources to achieve that? Whether you already have some knowledge under your belt or have never typed a line of code before, start by exploring your options on these 11 fantastic websites. 1. Codecademy Codecademy is the perfect place for aspiring [...]

MINECRAFT: A Fun Computer Game that Teaches You Computer Coding At the Same Time

I have played Minecraft games a couple of times, and learned the basics of computer coding just as I was having fun! The game involves guiding Steve or Alex in an adventure through Minecraft world using blocks. It is usually played in stages like all computer games, as you are introduced to coding terms like [...]

Equip Yourself With Skills For the Future By Learning Coding

From your smartphone to shopping at your local store, accessing the worldwide web or stopping at a traffic light; our world is increasingly been run by codes. Not only are they the present, they are also a huge part of the future. It is for these reasons that you absolutely should know about it. Welcome [...]

Why Every Teen Needs to Learn How to Code

I’ve recently been on this self reflecting mode about the future of our education system for some time now and believe that coding is going to be a huge part of our students’ lives. I say this because, more than ever, the internet and technology has been a huge part of how we learn, gather [...]

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