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What Exactly Does Breast Milk Produced By Humans And Other Mammals Contain?

All mammals are capable of producing milk; such animals like platypuses, kangaroos, rabbits, tigers, hippos, monkeys, dolphins, whales and the rest. But because different species have different needs and live in different environments, it turns out their milks are very different as well; though the ingredients are similar, it is in proportion that they are [...]

How Do Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning?

Unlike most other aquatic animals, dolphins do not have gills because they are not fishes but cetaceans. Gills in fishes are adapted to help them breath while underwater, the gills function by absorbing dissolved oxygen in water, and replacing this with carbon dioxide - an excretory waste. Since dolphins are not fishes but mammals, and [...]

Amazing Country Facts (Mauritius)

Quick Facts Location:Indian Ocean island, 2,000km off the southeast coast of the African continent. Land Area: 2,040 km² Capital City: St. Louis, which is also the largest city Population: 1,216,208 (2014 estimate) Languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole Below are some pictures of Mauritius St Louis - Capital City of Mauritius Recreation Sports [...]