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Listen Up Boys! This Is the Type of Dressing That Attracts Girls

I like the way Seun cleans up, says Ginika. I just love the way you stylishly combine colours, you always get it right; did you invent the colour wheel? Farida asks Chiboy. I have NEVER seen Tunde wear belt and shoes of contrasting colours, his shoes are to die for. And his swag? It's out [...]

7 Things That Will Make Others Take You Seriously And Earn Their Respect

Do you ever feel like nobody takes you seriously? Could it be something you are doing or not doing right? Below are seven things you can do to increase your credibility, get people to take you more seriously and ensure you get treated with the respect you deserve. 1. Don't Make Your Statements Sound Like Questions It’s [...]

Girl Talk: Why everything is wrong with Mini Skirts, Hot Pants

As parents, educators, and volunteers who work with youth, we probably think that today's youth live in a complex world—one that may prove to be more challenging than when we were teenagers. Teens may be especially confused and misinformed by media-based myths about sexuality and sex role behaviours. It is not uncommon to see images [...]

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