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What Is Education Technology?

Education technology (also known as EdTech) is an umbrella term for all of the technologies that are used to support learning, teaching, and assessment. Education technology can be anything from a classroom projector to a fully-automated virtual school. It's used to help students learn better by improving communication between teachers and students, providing students with [...]

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Ways To Tackle Your Homework The Easy Way

As a student, you know how important it is to keep your homework up-to-date. Homework doesn't just help you stay on track with your classes it is also a great way to show your teachers that you're serious about what they're teaching and that you are learning the material. Assignments can be a difficult task [...]

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Ways To Improve Your Teaching Ability  As a Teacher

Ways to improve your teaching ability  as a teacher Teachers are some of the hardest-working people in our society. They put in hours upon hours and overtime each week, and they take on jobs that most people couldn't handle for a day, let alone a lifetime. Because teachers deal with so much, it's important that they [...]

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Measuring the Viscosity of the Liquid

DEFINITION OF VISCOSITY The definition of viscosity is “the quantity that describes a fluid’s resistance to flow. Fluids resist the relative motion of immersed objects through them as well as to the motion of layers with differing velocities within them.” Knowing how thick your material is can have huge impact on your ability to get [...]

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Retiring the Black Writing Boards It was only about 15 years ago the whiteboards and fancy markers with different colours entered the Nigerian educational system. Back then in my school and most schools, we had blackboard prefects; the pupil had to be tall and have sufficient strength to rob, scour and scrub off the scribbles [...]

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10 Facts About E-Learning

E-learning is one of those trends that has been gradually gaining traction for the past several years, but now it seems like it's finally started to hit its stride. Every day more educational institutions and companies are offering online courses, and for a good reason, it is convenient and time-saving, and it can also be [...]

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Future Career Considerations Don't wait until the last minute to start these types of discussions with your child. Starting early is key, your child should start having a better understanding of what their interests are. Here are some questions to guide your conversation: Help them narrow down what aspects matter most Encourage "strength spotting"; this [...]

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7 Common English Grammar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Writing

English grammar mistakes are common. When you are speaking, it can be easy to get away with making a grammar error or two. As a student, you must be very careful to avoid making mistakes in your writing. Mistakes can cause your readers to question your credibility and ultimately whether they should trust you. To [...]

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5 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Do you know that an improved memory is an essential academic tool you can have to succeed in school? A Good Memory is a critical element of academic success, so you must pay attention to methods that can help improve your memory. Developing a helpful strategy can effectively bolster your memory, enhance recall, and increase [...]

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