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Classwork Series and Exercises {Government – SS1}: Elections

Government SS1 Second Term Topic: ELECTIONS Contents: 1. Elections Functions/Merits of Elections Demerits of Elections Types of Elections 1 (a) Direct Election Advantages of Direct Election Disadvantages of Direct Election Types of Election in Direct Election i. Secret Balloting : Merits and Demerits ii. Public Voting: Merits and Demerits 1 (b) Indirect Election: Merits and [...]

Government: Electoral Malpractices

  Election Contents - Electoral bodies                  Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria                  How to prevent electoral malpractices Electoral Bodies Electoral bodies are those who conduct and supervise election process. The constitution has provided for how elections should be conducted. Electoral malpractices, includes any act, omission or commission that attempts to or in essence circumvent the [...]