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Want To Type Emojis On a Computer Keyboard? Here’s How.

One day in the very near future, I'm sure that an exam question will read:  Without Emojis, life would be —, or Fish is to water as Emojis are to —. What would we do without Emojis? Without saying or typing a word, we can show others what we think of their ugly picture, their [...]

AFRO EMOJIS: African Expressions Like “”NO VEX, CHAI, E MAKE SENSE”” in Emojis

CNN's Esra Gurkan reports how a new sticker app featuring African characters and pan-African phrases has launched worldwide. The app, called Afro Emoji, features phrases that are used everyday in Africa. These include Abeg no vex (Please don't be annoyed), E make brain (It makes sense) and My Oga at the top (My boss at [...]

Emojis Can Get You in Trouble! 6 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

I am sure you use emojis (hello, is there anyone who doesn't?), like those little "hearts" "smiley faces" and so many other types. But did you know there are rules to using emojis, and that they can be admitted in court as evidence!? Shocked right? Here are six totally shocking facts about emojis. Enjoy! 1. [...]