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3 Smart Money Moves Everyone, Including You, Should Be Making

While Warren Buffett makes a good case for investing as an avenue for wealth creation, another billionaire, Mark Cuban, is of the opinion that people should stay as afar away from it as possible. Since we can learn from the points on which we disagree as much as those on which we agree, we would [...]

If Money Never Sleeps, Then These 3 Tips Will Ensure You Remain Financially Awake!

Much has been said about money already. But whatever your philosophy, you would agree that money enables us enjoy some of life's comforts, so it's quite important. That being the case, you need to understand the basic building blocks of money. According to financial expert, Grant Cardone, he has compiled a list of the 3 building [...]

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Why You Need a Personal Vision To Guide You In Life and as an Entrepreneur

People throw this word around a lot; motivational speakers, life coaches, your parents, even your teachers. But beyond all the noise, and bias, what does it really mean? In explaining, this article will not go into all that lofty emptiness, but will clearly and simply describe what it means. Ready to launch? Let's go! Personal Vision [...]

5 Ways Children Can Learn Wise Money Skills From Their Parents

Kids learn more when they observe the actions of their parents who are their first role models. So, how may parents teach their children the values of delaying gratification, saving hard-earned money, and become wise consumers, values that will serve them well into adulthood and pave for them the way to a successful life? Consider [...]

Why This Financial Expert Says Parents Should Teach Their Children the Value of Work

In one of the letters that financial adviser, Dave Ramsey, who writes a column on deseret news about finance and financial literacy received from readers; he explains why teens need to learn the connection between work and money, and why they need to learn this lesson from their parents. See the letter. Dear Dave, My son [...]

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7 Questions Worth Asking Before Accepting Financial Advice From Anyone

Many people will come to you or your loved ones with a myriad of financial advice and a plethora of financial products, all of them promising you of the great returns you will get and how they are all in your best interest. A lot of these are frauds who only want to get their [...]

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What a BUSINESS PLAN Is. And Why You Need To Know How To Draft One

Financial experts and entrepreneurs will tell you that a business plan is to an enterprise what dated goals are to a successful life. In other words, an enterprise is more likely to be successful when all involved know the details of what they hope to achieve and their roles in realising them. If this be [...]

The Secret To Paying Off Debt And Still Having Some Money Left

In paying off debt, one of the best advice from financial experts is to start from the smallest to largest, though some disagree with this method. Whichever advice you choose, it will still be smart if we considered why some of the options below. 1.   Decide To Stop Borrowing Money The first step towards [...]

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IOU and LOAN NOTES. Are You Using Them Correctly?

You may have heard someone, perhaps, a friend request for an IOU. Of course, you understand what it means, but do you really understand all that it stands for? Let's do a quick learning. What is an IOU? An IOU is an informal document that acknowledges a debt owed. IOU is an abbreviation, in phonetic [...]