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If One Screams High Enough, Will One Really Shatter Glass? Science Explains It All

Have you ever heard someone say about a particular singer "She's got a voice that can break glass"? Or that if you scream in a high-pitched voice long enough in front of a mirror, it will crack? According an explanation by BBC Future, this is actually possible because of a phenomenon known as resonance. When sound [...]

Teens! Care To Know How Glass Is Manufactured?

We all come in contact with glass every single day. It is the product used for the window pane in your room, the screen on the device with which you are reading this, and the windshield of the vehicle that must have conveyed you somewhere today. Indeed, the glass is of immense importance to us- [...]

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Science Explains Why Your Voice Sounds Different To You When Recorded

Have you ever heard a recording of your own voice? How did it sound to you? I am sure it sounded different, and you were left asking: Is this really the way I sound? Is this how other people hear me? I sound rather weird! You are not alone, all hearing human feel this way, [...]