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Gregorian calendar

NOVEMBER – The Story of a King, Numbers, and Change

Did you know that the word novem in November means nine in Latin? Putting two and two together will tell you that at a point in time, November was the ninth month of the calendar. So, what changed? How did it become the eleventh month? If you have been following our articles on the months of the [...]

What Happened in the Year Our Calendar Lost 11 Days?

Imagine going to bed tonight as your calendar reads November 2, 2016; only to wake up the next morning and be told the new day is November 14, 2016! You invariably have lost 11 days!! Yet this was exactly what happened in Britain on September 2, 1752. Exactly what could have warranted this? Let's take a [...]

All the Facts You Didn’t Know About OCTOBER, the Tenth Month

Did you know that October was not always the tenth month? October is the tenth month of the year in the modern day Gregorian calendar (which we use) and its predecessor, the Julian calendar. But originally, October was the eighth month of the Roman calendar, with November and December being the ninth and tenth months respectively. [...]

SEPTEMBER – The Tale Of a Month Bumped From the Seventh Position To the Ninth

Yay! It's September, and nothing reminds us of the year coming to an end - and all the festivities involved! - than the first of the ember months. But how did September, named for the seventh month of the Roman calendar come to be the ninth month  in our modern calendar, the Gregorian calendar?  From [...]

JULY, the Month That Was Named In Honour of a Roman General

In keeping with our tradition of finding out how months got their names, we will be taking a look at the month of July on this seventh day of this seventh month. The Seventh Month  July is the seventh month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars, and one of seven months with a [...]

Is JUNE, the Sixth Month Named For Juno or For the Young Ones?

Today is the sixth day of the sixth month of the Gregorian calendar. And as it is our tradition on Passnownow.com, we shall be doing an analysis of this month of much sunshine. What's In a Name? The Latin name for June is Junius. In the Fasti, a poem written by Ovid about the Roman calendar, [...]

Why Do We Have LEAP YEARS?

If you are not aware already, the year 2016 is a leap year! This means that instead of 28 days in February, we would have 29 days. That said, what is the origin of the leap year? What are the criteria for a leap day, and how is it calculated? Origin of the Leap Year [...]

What Has January Got in Common with Two-Faced Janus?

What if I told you that January was not always the first month of the year? That the ancient Romans used a different calendar system and their year began in March and ended in December? That traditionally, the original Roman Calendar consisted of 10 months totaling 304 days? Then about 713 BC, Emperor Numa Pompilius, [...]

All You Need To Know About The Gregorian Calendar

The Gregorian calendar is today's internationally accepted civil calendar and it's also known as the "Western calendar" or "Christian calendar". It was named after the man who first introduced it in February 1582: Pope Gregory XIII. The calendar is strictly a solar calendar based on a 365-day common year divided into 12 months of irregular [...]

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