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5 Amazing Facts About the Flowering Plant, ASPILIA AFRICANA

Aspilia Africana is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family. Aspilia Africana is native to the Africa, Madagascar, and Latin America. It is a common African weed found in fallow land, especially in the forest zone. The flowers of the Aspilia africana have showy yellow florets and the fruits are bristly and hairy. There are several uses [...]

Learn the History of Nigeria and Her Ethnic Groups One Comic Book at a Time

If you are asked what the origins of the Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa or Tiv people of Nigeria are, or what you know about the colonial history, civil war and military coups of Nigeria; will you be able to give an intelligent and accurate account of these events? Or are you one of those who think [...]

Every Teenager Should Be Encouraged To Speak Their Native Languages

Hey guys! As you [may] know, I like funny things. And as a result, I surround myself with hilarious humans who put smiles on my face each time I read or hear from them. One of such people is my friend Femi Awojide, who over the weekend wrote a rather hilarious post on Facebook. I [...]